19 Jan

Spiritual Practice 8.12.12 “Inspire”

[A 15 minute practice in Spiritual Growth]


If every fourteen year old does not know the incredible power they have to change the world around them, we are not doing our job.

-Jack Ergo


At this past Buckhorn Reunion, guest minister Jack Ergo shared this phenomenon of fourteen year olds in our world who have done really amazing historically transformative things. He challenged us to reorient our focus to our youth and develop their incredible potential.


This spiritual practice has two parts today. Perhaps it is because we are coming off a week of Peace Camp at Orange, or because two of our young ladies in the congregation are heading off to college in a couple weeks, but today we want to focus on inspiring our youth as spiritual practice.


Part One: Gratitude & Reflection

Spend a moment considering your own youth (if you ARE a youth, consider your life now!). Who are the people who have had the greatest impact on you? What words were spoken to you that you most needed or yearned to hear? What words do you WISH would have been spoken to you?


Part Two: Response

Think of someone younger than you and hold that person in your heart. Take a moment to write them a letter, send them an email, write on their facebook wall, anything small or large is fine! Share with them words of encouragement and support and love. Sometimes the simplest act can have the deepest impact. You may never know how the words you have to share that will stay in a person’s heart as a message of peace for years into the future.

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