Spiritual Practice: Baptism

20 Aug

IMG_0348“3 a. All church members are urged to examine the depth of your baptismal commitment. Having been baptized and confirmed, become fully immersed in the servant life of Christ. b. Live the meaning of your baptism daily as you grow in the skills and qualities of discipleship.” –Doctrine & Covenants Section 164

This coming Sunday in the Orange Congregation, we will be experiencing the sacrament of baptism. As we prepare our hearts for this sacramental moment, we invite you to join us in spiritual practice centered in baptism.


Baptism is only a beginning, not the end of the spiritual journey. There are moments when we experience varying degrees of closeness and separation with the one to whom we have pledged our lives. What is your relationship with Christ like at this point in your life? How can preparing to share in the sacrament of baptism with someone else give you an opportunity to renew your own relationship with and commitment to Christ?

Time for Journaling/Prayer



Discipleship is lived out in COMMUNITY. We experience great joy as we welcome a sister or brother into the Community of Christ. Consider the people that you share sacred community with.  Currently, are you experiencing the joy of belonging to and with one another? How are you being called to be present with others who need companionship on the journey? Is there anything that may be holding you back from experiencing the fullness of relationship that can be found in the family of God?

Time for Journaling/Prayer



How is your discipleship lived out? How do you live the meaning of baptism daily?

Time for Journaling/ Prayer

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