Spiritual Practice – Small Acts

25 Sep



“Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

It’s easy to feel as if we have nothing to contribute, as if we can’t make a difference in what seems to be very dark times.  What’s the point of doing anything if I can’t do everything?  But the truth is that we all have a light to shine in the darkness, no matter if it’s a huge spotlight or just a tiny flashlight.  And over time, our collective efforts will have a tremendous impact.  Remember that transformation rarely happens overnight.

Consider the following questions either by journaling or spending some time in quiet mediation…

  • What skills do you have that are essential to the community?  (cooking, singing, praying, running, writing cards, spending quality time with someone, organizing events, networking, creating art, etc.)
  • Even if you feel disabled, what is something you are good at, even if it feels like a small thing?
  • Who can benefit from your skills or talents when you put them to use?
  • Where does your deep gladness meet the world’s deep hunger?
  • How is the Kingdom of God brought closer to this place when you discover and use your skills, talents or deep gladness?

Now that you’ve considered the ways in which you enrich and contribute to the community, identify a small act you can do to help realize God’s Kingdom and do it.  See what happens!  This can be anything from praying about issues that concern you to getting out and helping people in a very specific way.  It could be long term or a one time thing.

The key to this is to not over think it.  Just do something, anything, that positively contributes to your community.  Keep the quote from Mother Teresa in your mind and heart.  The only requirement is that you do it with great love.

Offer a prayer to God thanking God for the infinite opportunities we have to witness and make manifest God’s love for all creation.

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